Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Olympia band Unwound was actually the first band to release an album on Kill Rock Stars, up until then it was a spoken word label. Crazy. Unwound also had the distinction of the being the first band released by San Diego's Gravity Records. The band had a powerful noisy sound often described at emo or post-punk. I personally really like their early singles and first two albums, I caught the band live a bunch around that era. They always had an intensity in their sound, singer Justin Trosper really carried the band by being so emotional live in his singing. This photo is by Amy Halligan, taken around 1994.

Band members: Justin Trosper on vocals and guitar, Vern Rumsey on bass and Sara Lund on drums.

Album & 12" Discography:
  • Demo tape (1991, self-released)
  • Fake Train (1993, Kill Rock Stars)
  • New Plastic Ideas (1994, Kill Rock Stars)
  • The Future of What (1995, Kill Rock Stars)
  • Unwound - demo re-released (1995, Punk in My Vitamins
  • Repetition (1996, Kill Rock Stars)
  • A Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Train (1997, Kill Rock Stars)
  • Challenge for a Civilized Society (1998, Kill Rock Stars)
  • A Single History 1991-1997 (1999, Kill Rock Stars)
  • Live in London (1999, Love Letter)
  • Leaves Turn Inside You double album (2001, Kill Rock Stars)

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