Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Zodiac Killers

The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who terrorized Northern California during the late '60s. The killer was never caught and the case remains open, which has made it the subject matter of a bunch of books, movies... and band names! After the demise of his legendary band The Rip Offs, San Franciscan garage rocker Greg Lowery formed The Zodiac Killers in 1998 (Lowery had also previously been in Supercharger and The Infections). The first two Zodiac Killers albums were great blasts of garage punk. The band seemed to continuously go through line-up changes however and not tour much, their last release was 2005's "Radiation Beach." This photo is from I think their only Seattle show, at the Sunset Tavern, probably around 2001. I'm not sure if the band is still together, they haven't done anything in the past two years, the Rip Off Records website is gone, and Lowery's old band The Rip Offs reformed and toured Europe in 2006. But Lowery does still have up a band profile for The Zodiac Killers on MySpace.

Band members: Jill Haley on guitar and vocals, Greg Lowery on bass and vocals, Jeremy Tuman on guitar, and Billy Badass on drums (Ross Fischer sang and played lead when the band started and by the time they finished Lowery was the singer and Jill Haley was no longer in the band).

  • The Most Thrilling Experience LP/CD (1998, Rip Off Records)
  • Song "Johnny Won't Go To Heaven" on The Las Vegas Shakedown! compilation CD (2000, Masked Superstar Recordings, 2000)
  • Have a Blast LP/CD (2001, Rip Off Records)
  • Society's Offenders (2003, Rip Off Records)
  • Radiation Beach LP/CD (2005, Rip Off Records)


Brian Foss said...

I booked the ZK at the Comet in August 2004, they were great!

Dan 10Things said...

That's right, I went to that show. Yet another reason why Brian Foss is the fuckin' man!