Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Katrina Hellbusch (AKA Katrina Outcast)

This is a photo of Katrina Hellbusch cleaning up broken beer bottles outside a show she put on at the Black Cat Cafe in 1997. In the mid to late 1990's in Seattle, Katrina was one of the most important and influential people in the punk community. Her support through booking and promoting shows, helping out bands, and releasing records really was unrivaled. Through Outcast Booking she booked all-ages punk shows at various venues around town, including Rckcndy, the Velvet Elvis and the Black Cat. She was a music and all-ages activist, a guest writer for 10 Things, and she ran one kick-ass record label, Outcast Records. The first release on the label, the "We Are All Guilty" compilation LP, put Seattle's punk scene on the national map like few other local comps (one of my friends said it was a big part of why he moved here, he knew we had a great punk scene). Today Katrina runs Skin Deep Studios, teaches belly dancing classes and does massage therapy.

Discography of Outcast Records:

  • OR001 "We Are All Guilty" NW Punk comp LP (with Zeke, Defiance, Masskontrol, Whipped, Inhumane, The Rickets, The Mukilteo Fairies, The Evicted, Amerifucked, Positively Negative, Killing Pig, Submission Hold, and Bristle
  • OR002 Whipped "Agitator" LP
  • OR003 The Bloodclots "Chaos Day is Almost Here" 7"
  • OR004 Aspirin Feast/Chicken split 7"
  • OR005 The Dunderheads s/t 7"
  • OR006 The Degenerats 7"
  • OR008 Whorehouse of Representatives/Mark Bruback split 7"
  • OR009 Mark Bruback CD
  • OR010 "Stop Rape Now!" An international punk compilation LP with all female bands or vocalists


Anonymous said...

Cool chick used to hang with her and the muck/everott crew. Spent many nights drinking wither her and whiney wendy. She could hold her own in any pit...

the bit saloon

Anonymous said...

Looks like this girl Kicks Ass! She even cleans up after the show! Check out this booking site for the Northwest targeting Washington, Oregon and California! Music Rocks!

Anonymous said...

She is a cool chick and continues to be! Poor whiney Wendy. That is not very nice to say :) I love both of them and am so proud of Katrina for all she has done! She is amazing.