Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old flyer for the Off Ramp's kitchen

Am I the only one the kept a bunch of shit like this? Probably. I've always been one to hang onto everything and document events with photos, notes and journal entries. Here's an old flyer from the Off Ramp hyping their kitchen, circa 1992 or 1993. The Off Ramp was thee club for my friends and I during this time period, there were tons of great shows there, cheap strong drinks, hash after the bash, and it was close to the U-District where most of us lived. As always, click the picture for the full-sized version:

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Anonymous said...

My dad lived in an apartment above the Off Ramp at that time. I'd hang out and watch them set up shows when I was a kid and watch the crazy scenes in the alley from a window above.