Monday, August 20, 2007

The Pain Teens

One of my rockstar crushes in the early '90s, Bliss Blood of Texas band The Pain Teens from their show at The Off Ramp. The Pain Teens did a great cover of "Gary Gilmore's Eyes," originally done by UK punk band The Adverts. I totally thought the band broke up a decade ago, but apparently they still exist.


Anonymous said...

You're right, the Pain Teens broke up in 1995. But I have a myspace page and a Pain Teens section on my website to keep in touch with fans and friends.

Thanks for the great photos and for the crush!


Unknown said...

The Off Ramp,ive heard about it before,wasnt it Nirvana playing there?

Unknown said...

To answer my own Question myself,i found the old cassette:

Sunday,November 25,1990
Live at the OFF RAMP
109 Eastlake East
5 P.M. till ?
seven days a week

Nirvana,Earth 11/25,Mudhoney 11/27,AT THE OFF RAMP,PM.With the close off the Central,where oh where shall we find a venue for cool Nrthwest music?Hark!Look no futher!The Off Ramp aggressively fills the gap.Somehow,month after month,they manage to booksome of the popular local Acts.Withness these two gigs:Nirvana,stellarpurveyors of bad-assed pop-grunge,and Mundhoney,godfathers of the "Seattle Sound".As if this aint enough eat trauma for a month,many more way hip,way loud bands are bookedto play here.The Rocket calendar and club listings.