Thursday, September 20, 2007

At The Drive-In

In 1993 a spazzy "post hardcore" band from El Paso, Texas burst onto the underground music scene. They wore all black, had music that at times seemed to have elements of art rock and others harnessed the energy of hardcore. The band was called At The Drive-In. After releasing a number of 7" singles, the band's debut LP/CD, "Acrobatic Tenement," came out in 1996 on Flipside Records (the label run by Flipside fanzine). Around that time the band toured the States and played a free show in Seattle at Second Time Around Records in the University District (where I took these photos). The band's live show was nothing short of explosive, with the singer and band members jumping and flying about up against the audience, each other, and rolling around on the floor. The band broke up in 2001 and members went on to form The Mars Volta and Sparta.


Noah said...

I'll always love this band. Good pics

Anonymous said...

Who's that second guitarist?

Mathias said...

I think that other guitarist is Ben Rodriguez. The guitarist who replaced Jim Ward when he left in 1997.

ATDI said...

Hi, i'm an ATDI fan since 2001,
i'm from Chile and i've never saw
this pictures before...

excelent images!!

let's keep hoping for the return of this amazing band

greetings from this side of the planet