Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Suffocated

The Suffocated had a short, but fun run, playing old school punk with a bit of rock'n'roll vibe during the mid-90s in Seattle. This is a photo of them live at The Off Ramp. Much of the band went on to form The Berserkers.

Band members: Johnny D on vocals, Paul Blow on lead guitar, and Maddy Matt (ex-Jesters of Chaos) on rhythm guitar.

Paul "Ace Diamond" Blow now is in The Space Cretins and Maddy Matt is in The Bloodclots.


Anonymous said...

Fun fact: I'm the one who basically put that band together. When we started it was me on lead vocals, Matt and Paul on guitars, Mark Ferkingstadt on bass and Rick Boot Boy on drums. After only a couple of shows Mark and I left to form the Sinister Six. This was the band that I originaly came up with the name The Gloryholes for but none of the other guys wanted to use it. They thought it was to "faggy".

Unknown said...

I just stumbled across this page doing a google search for something else... it is true, we all hated the name "Gloryholes", LOL! We had the notorious Steve Scrotum on bass and practiced in the even more notorious Boothouse which sadly was demolished to make way for an Eastlake condo.