Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Other Seattle Club News: The Comet is sold!

The Comet Tavern was advertised on Craigslist earlier this week as for sale for $400,000. The Seattle Times is reporting today someone bought it.

The Comet is a long-time Capitol Hill bar located at 922 E. Pike St. It's been frequented by a ton of band members over the years, probably most famously by Mia Zapata of The Gits, who tragically was murdered one night walking home from the place. Every time I listen to the old Gits' line about "at least I still got my friends at the bar," I always still picture Mia, clinking pints of beer with people at The Comet. It puts a smile on my face. I probably did half of the interviews for 10 Things and Tablet with local bands at the Comet and have spend hundreds of quarters on their pinball machines. It has always been a great host for small live shows, although a slightly weird room, with bands playing on the floor. For years and years when the bar didn't have liquor, Stu from the Valentine Killers and another guy (I wanna say his name was DP, I'm currently spacing on it) booked a lot of local and touring garage and punk bands.

It was only last Summer that Christopher Dasef sold Chop Suey and bought the Comet. In came a face lift, liquor, and Mamma Casserole booking live music a lot more regularly. Props to the team that made it happen, they kept the same feel the place always had, yet improved it. While I'm surprised the bar has been sold just a year and half after it was sold last, I guess nothing should be that surprising now (with AEG moving in on the Showbox locations and the Croc closing). The new owner will be announced shortly. Thankfully, it sounds like they aren't planning on channing the live music booking or booker, which is great.


Anonymous said...

BLT was probably the other person booking you're thinking of.

Dan 10Things said...

Bingo, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow owned it for a year and sold for around 100K more than they bought it for.