Monday, April 28, 2008


This photo is of Seattle crust/hardcore punk band Decrepit playing a party at Dave Eck's back in the late '90s. The band was around from 1996 to 1999 and included members of Whipped, Whorehouse of Representatives and Cease and Desist. They were a good and fairly underrated hardcore band. You may be able to pick up their discography on CD still, if not, Inimical Records is supposed to release it on LP in 2008.

Band members:
Doug on vocals, Jim on bass, Jay on guitar and Jon on drums

  • 1997, self-titled 7" (Consensus Reality Records)
  • 1997, split 7" with Scathed (Un-Yelliman Records)
  • 1998, split 7" with Cephlotripe (Un-Yelliman Records)
  • 1999, Tired Of Licking Blood From A Spoon" LP (Profane Existence)
  • 1999, split 7" with Phalanx (Un-Yelliman Records)
  • 1999, Discography CD (Czerwony Diablek Records)
Most of this info came from Ryan Blastcore's fan page for Decrepit, check it out for more info on the band and a few songs here.


Anonymous said...

I fucking love decrepit.


Anonymous said...

I really love them, even more than Disrupt wich is the biggest influence for Decrepit.
They were brilliant, I have no words to describe them.

Anonymous said...

Decrepit, even more than a decade on, are still my favourite crust band. And Jim still owes me a t-shirt!