Monday, April 7, 2008


Malefaction formed in Manitoba, Canada in the early '90s. They walked the line between grindcore, hardcore and death metal over their existence, putting out a string of releases on G7 Welcoming Committee and other labels. They broke up in 2004 when singer Travis Tomchuk decided to go back to school. This photo is of the band in the late '90s playing a house show in Josh Plague's (Behead the Prophet) basement.

Band members: Travis on vocals, Clint on guitar and vocals, Mike on bass, and Cory on drums

Clint now plays in Big Trouble In Little China and Of Human Bondage. Mike is one of two vocalists in Time Kills Everything. Both Mike and Cory play in Of Human Bondage. G7 still has a Malefaction page up with a few songs and more information here.

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