Monday, April 21, 2008

Whorehouse of Representatives

I was in awe of Whorehouse of Representatives before I even heard their music after seeing their name on a flyer the first time and thinking, "What a fucking excellent punk band name!" Over the years in the mid-'90s, Whorehouse was a band I saw a lot, hence three pictures from three different shows (#1- Live at the Velvet Elvis, #2 Live at the Radio House, #3 Live at Rckcndy). Whorehouse of Representatives formed in 1993 and broke up in 1999, in the Seattle punk scene they were a constant opener for touring politically/socially oriented punk and crust bands throughout the '90s. They wore their politics on their sleeve and in some ways were the atypical drunken, political punk band. But they put on shows, ran a label, put out a few records, did three U.S. tours... they accomplished a lot more than most of their peers in Seattle's punk scene at the time and had fun doing it. Last year Un-Yelliman Records put out the band's complete discography on CD and LP, it's definitely worth picking up. I personally have tons of great memories from shows and parties Whorehouse played.

A few songs:
P.C. Song
Prepare to Fight
Blinded By Darkness
Let Freedon Reign

Band members:
Michele on vocals, Jim on bass, Dave on guitar, Rick on guitar and Brendan on drums (ex-members include Dan Hammerschmidt on guitar, and Mike Doody & Pat Schultz on drums)

  • 1993, "Who's Screwing Who" six song demo tape
  • 1994, "It's a Corporate World After All" 7" (Un-Yelliman Records)
  • 1996, split with Toxic Narcotic 7" (Un-Yelliman Records)
  • 1997, song "Censorship" on "10 Things Northwest Punk Comp" CD (10 Things)
  • 1997, "Your Alcohol Taxes At Work 7" (Sabotage Earth Records)
  • 1998, split with Mark Bruback 7" (Outcast Records)
  • 1998, split with Brother Inferior 7" (Profane Existence)
  • 1998, song "Prepare to Fight" on "We Are All Guilty" compilation LP(Outcast Records)
  • 1998, song "Censorship" on "No Fate: A World Hardcore Compilation" 2XCD(HG Fact Records)
  • 1998, song "Acid Rain" on "Making Human Junk" compilation LP (Hybrid Records)
  • 2007, "Discography 1993-1999" LP and CD (Un-Yelliman Records)

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