Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pop Punk Legends Sicko Playing Live at a House Party

I interviewed Sicko long before they became a big Seattle pop punk band after picking up their demo at Fallout Records one afternoon and getting hooked. Soon after their first 7" came out, my friend Ty, who was a pop punk fanatic, bugged me to ask the Sicko guys if they'd play a party he was having. I gave Ean a call and he said he'd talk to the band, a few days later we had confirmation. The party kicked ass, except for Ty's face landing in an amp or something and bleeding everywhere, but that's punk rock. And Sicko rocked the motherfucking house. The band later went on to release a slew of albums and singles on Empty Records and gain fans worldwide... that night no one yet knew where they would go except maybe a dozen of my friends who already knew they were brilliant. I shot these photos at the party, I'm guessing it was 1992, possibly 1993 (there's a possibility that these photos are from a show they played at the Radio House and Ty's house party photos are still lurking in my piles, but I'm pretty sure the Radio House would have had the windows covered with sound barriers and a different paint color).

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