Thursday, November 15, 2007

Washington Hall Today

I got to thinking more about Washington Hall after my last entry and realized I had no idea what it looked like today. So on my lunch break, I grabbed my camera and took a drive up. I forgot it was right next to the Juvie prison, awesome. The front actually looks pretty nice, they've painted it in the last decade to give it the illusion of being a sound building.

From the sides and rear the building looks a lot worse for wear. I remember hanging out in this doorway trying to keep dry in the rain drinking beers between bands. As I walked around the hall today I saw a few broken windows and screens, beer cans, worn out steps and doors, and a whole lot of moss growing on it, although it all looked pretty cosmetic, the brick and foundation still looked great, it's definitely savable.

I'll be damned if that ain't the same sign about renting the hall from the '80s that's still up above the front entrance!

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Deevious Silvertongue said...

Believe it or not, I still go to the Washington Hall once a week, to attend training at Seattle Semi-Pro wrestling. You couldn't ask for a cooler looking grimey-ass fight club setting for training! It's a weird place, and I hope it's still gets used by the public in the future.