Monday, April 21, 2008

The Retards

These photos are of Seattle band The Retards playing live at Fallout Records from I think June of 1998. The Retards were a poppy, garagey young punk band playing Seattle in the late '90s, think Ramones meets Screeching Weasel meets Head. I loved the band even though they were all about 16, sloppy and kinda goofy. They enthusiastically loved to play the kind of music I was into--simplistic, catchy punk with a very '70s feel to it. At some point they changed their name to The Cheatin' Hearts, then to The Dirty Looks, before breaking up.

Band members: Derek on guitar and vocals, Leif on bass, Stacey on guitar and Conor on drums

  • 1997, "First Offense" 7" (Puke Records)
  • 1998, "Still Playing with Toys" 7" (Shady Grove)
Leif now plays in The Shy Ones and The Greatest Hits. Derek went on to form The Plastic Letters and was also in The Pop Machine. Stacey plays in The Honey Hush (with Willie from the Midnight Thunder Express) and Conor is in The Holy Ghost Revival. Leif put up a MySpace page for the band recently with a few songs here.

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The Great Melonoma said...

I remember this set and thanks for the memories. I'm pretty sure that I was standing in the doorway. I could've sworn this took place at the highscore arcade but judging by the pictures I guess it didn't. Good times.