Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Derelicts

This photo series of The Derelicts is from a reunion show the band played at the concert hall under St. Joseph's church on Capitol Hill around 1994.

In the later half of the 1980's and early 1990's the punk scene was pretty lackluster nationally. The energy of the movement had been watered down, people had died or moved on, the remaining people were often jaded and fucked up. The scene was fairly small. It was before Nirvana hit big, before you could buy blue hair color at the mall, before body piercings were available locally, when there was only one or two tattoo parlors in Seattle, before Hot Topic, before Green Day... basically an era when you still would get jumped walking down the street with colored hair. Grunge hadn't made looking weird acceptable on the streets of Seattle yet and you could only read about current punk bands in underground fanzines, they didn't make it into the mainstream press very often unless there was a riot or stabbing at a show. Locally a handful of bands kept things going strong like The Jesters of Chaos, The Accused, Portland's Poison Idea, Brotherhood, Christ on a Crutch, Subvert, Resolution, Aspirin Feast... and The Derelicts. Their fast, drunken, catchy tunes were backed up by a great live show and an always fun sing along to "My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic."

Band Members: Duane Bodenheimer on vocals, Neil Rogers on guitar, Ian Dunsmore on bass and Rick Bilotti on drums.

  • Bullet for Fifi 7" (1989, Penultimate Records)
  • Time to Fuck Up 7" (1990, Empty Records US)
  • Misery Maker 7" (1990, Sub Pop & Glitterhouse)
  • Love Machine LP (1990, Penultimate Records)
  • Beir, Beir, Beir LP (1990, Musical Tragedies)
  • Derelicts/ Zipgun split 7" (1991, Broken Rekids, re-released in 1992 by Empty Records US)
  • Don't Wanna Live 2 x 7"/CD5 (1991, Sub Pop)
  • Song "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In" on Puget Power Act 2 x 7" compilation (1991, Regal Select)
  • Song "Lost Cause" on The Estrus Half-Rack 3 x 7"/CD compilation (1991, Estrus)
  • Song "Dirty Rotten Life" on Bobbing For Pavement compilation LP (1991, Rathouse Records, re-released on CD in 1995 by Broken Rekids)
  • Song "Born to Kill" on Another Damned Seattle Compilation LP/CD (1992, Dashboard Hula Girl/Musical Tragedies)
  • Going Out of Style 1986-1990 CD (1994, Empty Records US)
  • Songs "I Wanna Get Out" and "Life of Strife" on Empty Sampler 2 CD (1997, Empty Records US)
Neil and Ian went on to play in Zipgun, who recently played a reunion gig at Geezerfest.

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yourbestfriend said...

fyi, zipgun did not play geezerfest...it was a close one, but they couldn't get it together. RC5 played instead.